The All-In Thing Songs CD

Release date - 28 March

Buy CD: £12.00
All-In Songs is an accompanying CD to go with The All-In Thing book. 
The idea of The All-In Thing is to help people create worship experiences that actually work when the whole church is ‘All-In’ together in a service. The whole premise for All- In worship is to take into consideration the massive variety of people we have in our churches and regardless of the differences in age and needs, facilitate their worship by making things accessible and inclusive for all.
The songs on this album are chosen from those we regularly use and recommend for All-In Worship. Some may be familiar to you but not necessarily in these arrangements!
The All-In Thing book is available here.
1. Everybody's Welcome
2. Strong And Brave
3. Love The Lord Your God
4. Walk With You
5. Whole World in His Hands
6. Hero of the World
7. Your Love is Amazing / Hallelujah
8. To God be the Glory
9. I Believe
10. Talk to Jesus
11. You Need Not Fear
12. You've Been Faithful
13. He Came Down