All-In Songs

All-in Songs


So, on first glance, it may appear that The All-In Songs album is just full of songs we have already released, or old songs… and in some ways, yes, that is true…


But the album is so much more than that. 


We have spent a good deal of time thinking about what songs work well, and how to make them work even better.  We have changed keys and tweaked arrangements to make them as accessible as we can.


Let me talk you through the songs!


Everybody’s Welcome

This is a great song that we have been using for years in All-In Gatherings. It really sets the scene and is a great call to worship. We have tweaked this one, by only using 1 verse - this way it’s nice and simple and there’s repetition. 


Strong & Brave

This is a BIG Ministries song which we have tweaked the arrangement and key! The original is a bit too high for a lot of people to sing, and the arrangement is not accessible for all - hopefully this is easier to engage with and play.


Love the Lord your God

This song is a great bible memory verse song, really! It’s straight truth, and simple words and repetition, as well as a small range melodically - couple this with a bit of physical movement and you have a great All-In song.


Walk with you

We have lifted this one straight off a previous album - we would use the track in All-In Worship and encourage people to use sign language to engage with the words or listen to the track and think about the words.


Whole world in his hands

An old song, with a few new words… and a fun arrangement which makes you smile.


Hero of the world

A slightly less rocky version, (in a more friendly key) of the song from Welcome to the BIG Academy - we wanted to tone it down as we know that a version of a song aimed at 8-11’s is not going to necessarily help others to engage with God in worship.


Your love is amazing/ Hallelujah

We love this combo - using rhythm and a simple (one word) song linked with a great older song that is simple and most people will know. Praise the Lord.


To God be the Glory

There are some great hymns, and this is definitely one of them. It’s a dead easy melody, so even if people don’t know it they’ll pick it up. The range isn’t too great, and the arrangement we have put together (with a time signature change in this one) really brings it to life (and makes it easier to play !). 


I believe

Again, making this more acoustic will make it easier to play, and help it to be more accessible for all.


Talk to Jesus

Pete James has written a cracker here - it’s such a great song to use in response. We can absolutely Talk to Jesus. We would use this as a song to have on in the background rather than to sing as the range is very large.


You need not fear

A song of truth - we have nothing to fear. Again this is a song we would use with Sign Language rather than singing - and use the beautiful track as part of our worship.


You’ve been faithful

We chose this one as there are no fancy words, it’s just stating that our God is faithful - and we can praise him for that. The range isn’t too large and it’s a catchy melody, so people will pick this one up easily.


He came down

This is a song from Cameroon that simply tells us why Jesus came. Simple words (which you can add simple actions to) lead us in worship.



In All-In, we want to use songs that people can pick up easily, and with words that are not too weird or full of too much metaphor.  We hope that this album gives you some examples of how to use songs, and use them well.