Christmas in May

BIG Ministries had the privilege of joining the wider YFC team to venture out to Spring Harvest Holidays amazing site in France over the half term holiday.

Aside from leading the children's work (5-11's) in the mornings and helping lead various activities throughout the days (as well as eating lots of cheese!), we were very excited to be able to lead the group of people who were there in 3 services of All-In Worship.

A high point for me has to be celebrating Christmas in a tent on a roasting hot sunny afternoon (we had a tree and everything!). It was amazing, in May, to sing carols and to think about the amazing fact that Jesus is Emmanuel - God with us - which of course is true all year round!

During the All-In Sync time it was great to hear people singing worship songs while others were making christmas decorations, or discussing what it means to be extravagant at Christmas time, while others were sitting with ear-defenders on, reflecting on Jesus. It was so exciting to see people freely engaging with God too, in ways that weren't even 'officially on offer'. There was a lady waving flags, and another couple of people walking around the room, praying. One girl simply sat by the Christmas tree while the group doing 'MOVE' ran all over the tent making and delivering christmas party hats to every chair. 

We celebrated, we engaged with God in loads of different ways, we learnt together about God being with us and we worshipped Him just exactly as we are, All-In together.