We've got fixed seating - it doesn't work!! (or does it?!)

The All-In Thing, on first glance, could appear to be a resource that needs loads of people and loads of flexible space.

And in an ideal world, yes, that'd be great, of course! Wouldn't we all love to have a massive team of people ready to help in All-In Services and a church where everything is moveable and easily changeable?

But we are so aware of the fact that this is not a reality for a lot of churches. Often there is 1 or 2 people able to lead services and fixed seating too. So... how does this work?

Well, we believe one of the perks of this resource is it’s adaptability. 

The vision of The All-In Thing is to help a different way of thinking about All-age worship, and not necessarily to prescribe exactly how it is done. The most important bit of the resource is exactly that -  the concept - and the outworking of that is really up to you - the rest of the book, CD and website are ideas and things we think might help you to make the vision a reality. (There are things like alternative stories for less people too on the site.)


The All-In Sync time is the most complex time, especially in churches that may have fixed seating. Chatting to a few people who have tried this there have been some really creative ways of working it, and some things we have tried too…


Zones that are in completely different rooms in the church building and even outside (this is great for MOVE)

‘Portable’ zones - for example:
    ‘write’ with a load of clipboards that people can take back to seats; 

    ‘create’ where people have packs made up with everything included (even small plastic sheeting to protect the surface they work on) that they can find a bit of space to do it.

    ‘Techie’ think zones - with loads of mp3 players and headphones with something to listen to/ ambient music to help the thinking.

Flexi zones - for example:

    ‘combined’ zones - using what space you do have to facilitate more than 1 zone - ‘create’ and ‘write in the same location.

    ‘move’ turned into something simpler, like just walking around the church thinking about    something, holding a ball/ fidget toy.


We love All-In Worship, and we love seeing people help others to engage in worship in creative and new ways. Go for it! Let us know too if you have any other suggestions!